: What's Wide Spread business?
: We are recruitment company who provide right candidates to the right customers.

: Do I have to pay for the services provided by Wide Spread?
: All our services are absolutely free. Once you become a member of Wide Spread, you don't have to pay anything for our services.

: Is Japanese skill necessary for working in Janpanese companies?
: It depends on a position you are looking for. For example, there is no need of a Japanese skill for A/C.

: How can I be a member at Wide Spread?
: It's very simple.You just send your resume by English/Japanese, Fax, Letter, E-mail or online registration on our website and you will be called for an interview at our office.

: Do I know my qualifications are suitable for being a Wide Spread member?
: We look for candidate graduated from Universities fair command of English, Japanese will be an advantage.

: When is the right time to come for Registration and Make interview appointment?
: Monday - Friday at 8:30 A.M. - 3 P.M.

: Are there any paper tests before an interview?
: Yes, an English test and Psychological test would be applied to all candidates and a Japanese test would be applied only to candidates who have Japanese language skill.

: How long would it take for a registation and an interview?
: About 2 hours.

: If I am a fresh graduate without any experience. Can I apply at Wide Spread?
: Yes, absolutely. We not only require experience candidates but we also look for fresh graduates.

: Are there any full time jobs at Wide Spread?
: No, we provide both Full - time and Part - time jobs, but not for all positions. If you would like to know more information, Please contact us

: Can I know about working area?
: Working areas are in Bangkok around Bangkok and any Industrial Estates in Thailand.

: Are our customers only Japanese companies?
: Almost 90% of our customer are Japanese companies and Japanese - Thai joint venture companies. It's not necessary that candidates who have English/Japanese skill are welcome.

: After the end of interview, when will Wide Spread contact me back?
: It depends on the job vacancy, your qualification, your needed skill. If you are matched with our customers, we will immediately send your profile to our customers.